YouTube Statistics of "Driving in My Car - Mother Goose Club Phonics Songs" Video

Last update: 08-Apr-20 10:02:44 AM GMT

views total: 485,993,887
likes total: 375,780
comments total: 0

dislikes total: 227,543

views today: 19,328
views in the last 7 days: 140,697
views in the last 30 days: 593,436

likes today: 15
likes for last 7 days: 227
likes for last 30 days: 1,120

comments today: not enough data
comments for last 7 days: not enough data
comments for last 30 days: not enough data

dislikes today: 33
dislikes for last 7 days: 220
dislikes for last 30 days: 933

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