YouTube Statistics of "Collapsing floor by filling room with water" Video

Last update: 6/2/2020 9:47:07 AM GMT

views total: 48,526,440
likes total: 145,572
comments total: 0

dislikes total: 33,626

views today: 39,011
views in the last 7 days: 335,839
views in the last 30 days: 1,012,146

likes today: 112
likes for last 7 days: 1,146
likes for last 30 days: 3,977

comments today: not enough data
comments for last 7 days: not enough data
comments for last 30 days: not enough data

dislikes today: 24
dislikes for last 7 days: 218
dislikes for last 30 days: 719

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