YouTube Statistics of "A Funny Montage" Video

Last update: 29-Mar-20 11:41:33 AM GMT

views total: 89,206,048
likes total: 1,758,394
comments total: 0

dislikes total: 47,340

views today: 5,486
views in the last 7 days: 37,823
views in the last 30 days: 157,529

likes today: 159
likes for last 7 days: 1,125
likes for last 30 days: 4,636

comments today: not enough data
comments for last 7 days: not enough data
comments for last 30 days: not enough data

dislikes today: 4
dislikes for last 7 days: 16
dislikes for last 30 days: 65

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