YouTube Statistics of "MrBeast" Channel

Last update: 4/18/2021 5:41:11 PM GMT

Channel description by its author:

- Raised $20,000,000 To Plant 20,000,000 Trees
- Given millions to charity
- Donated over 100 cars lol
- Gave away a private island
- Given away over 100 ps4s lol
- Gave away 1 million dollars in one video 
- Counted to 100k
- Read the Dictionary
- Watched Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Read Bee Movie Script
- Read Longest English Word
- Watched Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watched It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Ran a marathon in the world's largest shoes
- Adopted every dog in a shelter
You get the point haha

*Do not email me asking for money, I give away money because it makes me happy :)

views total: 10,183,529,132
subscribers total: 60,000,000
video uploads total: 706

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