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1. 台語歌/老歌 
2. 福建歌/老歌 
3. 優美悅耳的純音樂
A great collection of relaxing Chinese music from classic to modern.  Beautiful, easy listening, smooth and inspirational attitude.  If you liked these videos then please give it a thumbs up, subscribe and share it with your friends.  Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our sister channel 
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從經典到現代的各種輕鬆的中國音樂。 美麗,輕鬆的傾聽,流暢和鼓舞人心的態度。 如果您喜歡這些視頻,請豎起大拇指,訂閱並與您的朋友分享。 非常感謝您的觀看,我將在下一個視頻中看到您。 請務必訂閱我們的姐妹頻道 I Love Taiwan Music➜ h

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