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Last update: 08-Apr-20 10:02:36 AM GMT

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Updating every Tuesday with a new Archivist Presents slot, and every Friday with a Movietone Moment, you have found the YouTube home of British Movietone News!

British Movietone is arguably the world’s greatest newsreel archive, spanning the period 1895 – 1986.

Shot on 35mm film, this global archive contains many of the world’s enduring images and is rich in coverage of news events, celebrities, sports, music, social history, science, lifestyle and quirky happenings. It was the first newsreel to include sound, the first to use colour film, the first to break many exclusive stories, and is your first and last stop for newsreel footage. 

We hope you will enjoy exploring the British Movietone collection.  Please feel free to share our content with friends and embed onto your own websites and social media forums. Downloading videos to your own PC is an infringement of YouTube’s terms and condition

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