YouTube Statistics of "BRIGHT SIDE" Channel

Last update: 7/2/2020 8:52:42 AM GMT

Channel description by its author:

Hey! Are you looking for answers to life’s biggest questions? Whether you’re into recent discoveries, space exploration,, true stories, fitness, fun tests, and riddles, or useful tips for self-improvement, psychology, gadgets, or just your day-to-day routine, there’s something for everyone!

You can expect all that and more coming at you in 3 top-quality videos every single day of the week. If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge that never quits, then join a community of tens of millions and growing! We have a good time, so take your shoes off, kick back, and make yourself at home here on the Bright Side of life!

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views total: 6,659,245,004
subscribers total: 35,400,000
video uploads total: 2,936

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