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Last update: 5/15/2020 9:46:29 AM GMT

Channel description by its author:

hi! I'm ari fitz! I'm a Black queer nonbinary content creator and model that makes videos about fashion and beauty, (queer) sex and relationships, and identity and gender. 

your frequently asked questions: 

how tall am I?
I'm 5'10

what's my race? 
I'm mixed with Black and vantaBlack.

what's my favorite color?
#a9f259 (and several variations of it). 

where did I go to school? 
i got a full ride to UC Berkeley and got a degree under their interdisciplinary studies department with a tech & media focus. 

where do i live? 
i live between NYC & LA, and i'm originally from ~oakland, ca.

are you in a relationship?

how old am I?
I'm in my thirties now, whew! 

how big is my d*ck?

do you have a PO Box? 
yee! it's 941 S Vermont St, #101-523, Los Angeles, 90006

views total: 5,618,723
subscribers total: 259,000
video uploads total: 84

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