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Last update: 7/2/2020 8:52:42 AM GMT

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Welcome to the AP Archive YouTube Channel. AP Archive is the film and video archive of The Associated Press -- the world's largest and oldest news agency.

Our cameramen have been capturing the iconic moments that have shaped the world in which we live and we have over 1.7 million news, sports, entertainment and fashion stories dating back to 1895 to share with you, here and on our British Movietone channel -

With new footage added daily from our global news network, we hope you will enjoy exploring and sharing our content.  Please feel free to share our content with friends and embed onto your own websites and social media forums using the YouTube share and embed icons found underneath each video.  Downloading videos to your own PC is an infringement of YouTube’s terms and conditions.

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views total: 1,646,584,398
subscribers total: 2,820,000
video uploads total: 486,378

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