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Last update: 7/2/2020 8:52:42 AM GMT

Channel description by its author:

Hi everyone! I'm Andrea Brillantes and welcome to my very own YouTube Channel!

I'm an actress/singer from the Philippines who is already a big fan of some of the big names here in YouTube (ehem, ehem, Zoella), that's why I decided to also try it out!

This channel would explore different aspects from my life that I hope you guys would find interesting (sana, sana... :D)

I sincerely wish you enjoy the videos I will be posting and hopefully, you'll get to know a little more about me through this channel.

Let me know what you guys want to see in my channel and please, please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Kitakits very soon!

- Andrea B.

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Snapchat: anngorostizaaa
Twitter: @iamandrea_b
Instagram: @andreabrillantes @andreabrillantes12

views total: 85,267,084
subscribers total: 2,160,000
video uploads total: 67

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