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Last update: 7/2/2020 8:52:42 AM GMT

Channel description by its author:

Join the Anonymous Patriot spokespersons and hosts of the AIM Radio network, Thomas,and Betsy, as they discusses a wide variety of topics that are pertinent to the saying that "history repeats itself." Discover the trends and moods that reoccur in history and how a deep understanding of these can make you the smartest guy and gal in your network of friends, family, and colleagues. These high level presentations and discussions with special guests will electrify the interests of political scholars as well as arm chair analysts. For those new to political esoteric conversation, you will be amazed when you see the big picture and how all the pieces of scattered news and events fit into a world view. Visit for the deep truth of the world around you.

views total: 16,791,145
subscribers total: 96,700
video uploads total: 704

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