YouTube Statistics of "A Good Time With J&J" Channel

Last update: 22-Feb-20 11:05:04 AM GMT

Channel description by its author:

Hey you reading this, listen if you're interested in what we do why not subscribe and turn on your notifications? I mean you'll have a good time with the videos we upload. You'll enjoy our pranks, challenges, reactions, story time and that odd travel vlog. 

We honestly just want to make a difference in someone's life even if is by just putting a smile on their face.

Join J-J Family and be sure to always look out for our daily videos 7 times a week 😎😎😎

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YouTube Chanel Milestones;

10k Subs  01/13/2019

50k Subs 02/14/2019

100k Subs 03/05/2019

500k Subs ???

1Mil Subs ???

views total: 10,031,128
subscribers total: 191,000
video uploads total: 252

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